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Best bath bombs ever!!!! With a surprise love it!!!!


Amazing bath bomb with a fun gift inside!

Great surprise

My fiancé really loved the ring it was a perfect fit !

She said “YES”!!!

Glimmering in the candle light, she was emotional with tears of joy, followed by a yes that I will never forget.

Cute ring

The ring was really cute and a great gift!

Nice smelling candle and the bath bomb plus ring were a huge plus. For sure earned some brownie points this past valentines day.

Great gift

Gave this to my Gf for valentines day and she loved it! She was so shocked that it was inside the bath bomb!

Cool ring

Kinda cool not real but still good gift .

I really like the ring but was really bummed out cause we got two of the same one!

Was perfect for my valentine’s night 😏😍

I put it in warm water and when the ring show up my girl make crazy. Thanks pearlessence


Ring was perfect thanks

Ring looks amazing. The bathbomb smelled great and worked well in bath.

Cocoa Butter Review

My girlfriend absolutely loved the scent of the cocoa butter bathbomb, I did as well! She also thought the ring inside was beautiful, her reaction was hallmark worthy!

My boyfriend proposed to me with this ring and I absolutely love it

Ring review

The ring was beautiful and it fit perfectly I couldn’t be happier with the one we ended up with.

Pearl Bath Bomb With Ring
Bling Bling

Fantasy like ring! So sparkly and pretty! Love it 😍

Pearl Bath Bomb With Ring

The wife loves it

Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb

I have recently purchased myself (as a treat) a Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb, just because I wanted to. I have bought a couple in the past for my daughter who absolutely love them, and gets really excited to see what is inside this magically ball of fizz & fun. When I used mine I to got that same feeling of intrigue to see what beauty was within. Well what can I say I wasn't disappointed, I have a silver cluster ring that sparkles in the light, my daughter is very jealous of it but thankfully (for me) it is too big for her! Thanks again Pearlessence for a beautiful gift.

It's so shinnnyyy

Beautiful ring and a lovely scented bath bomb

Skin so soft and beautiful rings

I have bought my daughter a pearlessence bath bomb every Christmas for the last few years as they are always on her list. She has always said it leaves her skin so smooth and soft as well as a beautiful ring gift inside. A fantastic buy you won’t regret it. A*******

Pearl Bath Bomb With Ring
Wonderful Mothers Day Present.

My daughter chose this to give to her mother on mothers day. Both giver and receiver were over the moon.

Bath bomb

What a lovely ring I found inside my bath bomb, I love it


It was beautiful, mum screamed with surprise and tears of joy, the ring shined and smelled amazing... I was definitely the favourite son for mother’s day XD

Pearl Bath Bomb With Ring
Beautiful pearl bath bomb

Love love very relaxing bath and beautiful surprise inside

Rose gold bath bomb

I got mine for mother’s day and Ben I seen that I had a beautiful ring surprise I was so happy definitely ordering another one.